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Get Rich Blogging

A blog is an online diary that people keep their lives updated and share their daily lifestyles with friends, family and people who care. Well, it has been a trend that people use blogging to make money. It is such an amazing thing to be able to generate wealth by just blogging. It is just as easy as writing what you think and posting what you feel, or like on your blog and there goes money creating opportunity! What is better than that?

One of the ways to get rich with blogging is be crazy with ideas. Try blogging about crazy things around you or about crazy people that you encounter in your life. They may be the highlight of the blogging world some day if you are lucky enough! Be crazy in using words and be daring enough to use catchy words. Reveal your unique personality because that makes you special and stand out among other bloggers. When you blog about certain products, make sure you use the most creative way to do it so that it will attract people’s attention and your blog will be famous in no time! That pulls up the number of visitors in your blog.

Besides, if good reputation does not work, then start annoying people with your blog post in order to get more hits! Well, when something bad is happening, people are most interested in it. Like Justin Bieber, he was hated and criticized by people on You Tube before he was famous. What happens now? He is only seventeen and he earns millions and millions of dollars! His videos have high hits and most people viewed and dropped bad comments about him. However, as time passes, his talent has been realized and he is now so popular among teenagers. It is the same in the blogging world. Try coming out with crazy or annoying posts, and when more and more people criticize your blog, the higher hits you have and the more money you can see!

Last but not least, be influential. Influence people with your words and your feelings. Make your readers feel the way you do. In order to do that, you have to be true in the first place. Write with your true feelings. Say what you feel like and according to your own style because everyone is unique. Let your readers feel you, let them like you for who you are instead of you struggling to be someone they like. Write stories about yourself, or share your life no matter in what topics you are writing about because readers want to be entertained. They want to read something lively and not dead materials.

Get Rich With Courtney!

Posted on Oct 26, 2014

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