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Decided to concentrate on the content or software vendors and analysts what ECM means to be hung on a wide assortment. De overall ECM strategy and appropriate technologies that support it does not exempt the company from trying to map.

One size does not fit all: Suppliers and others in the industry may argue that successful ECM software provider you need to stick with the application stack to implement. In fact, several vendors are strong in some areas – document management says, for example, but weak in the area of digital asset management, web content management.

Start with your business and functional requirements: Functionality to the domain of the ECM is trying to treat those needs to organize. SUITES product to begin with, because you are distracted by the product capabilities and possibly lose sight of your specific needs.

Workflow analysis: Companies often ECM initiative, which is a worthy effort, the following well-defined workflow and workflow caught up with trying to implement. But if you have problems with the current workflow, you can reapply with the technology bad practices, making it even worse. Even if your workflow (s. is not about consensus, approval of change management issues up if you could go to the roll-out phase.

Document Policies and Procedures: ECM implementation and major challenges facing companies either document / records / content management policy and procedures document, or too little supervision and administration of digital objection. Implementations of those types, the unusual number of duplicate files, or worse still, small changes in the volumes almost imperceptibly, but not documented.

Understand data types: The basic shape and physical trade data is stored in, and the average properties caught in one way or another, either automatically or through manual. Op this way, although there mistakes in the implementation of ECM, at least you have good storing and description of the contents of the elements retained by the people appear in the future.

Metadata and Taxonomy: ECM is still the challenge is to define, implement and descriptive information about managing content objects.

This is a promising trend, but the technology is expensive, and at this moment I do not see widespread adoption of the text mining motor. price points go down, the system will be embedded in the context of the NLP solution will increasing adoption.

Do not go it alone: It always amazes me when companies choose to apply themselves, ECM solutions. Technologies and workflow documents, reports, and digital asset management associated with deep technical expertise. However, I understand that there is a big issue vendors or consulting companies that specialize in technology, but no technical means to send knowledge. It is always the biggest challenges of the business and functional requirements use cases, system architecture and integration plan is lacking.

Otherwise, the next best thing to your subject expert (SME. technology to support SMEs trained and technically smart consulting shop rent.

I help clients on a regular basis at departmental level to the group called an “enterprise content strategy” document. By Roze Tailer.


Roze Tailer writes article on Web Data Extraction, Web Page Data Extraction, Web Information Extraction, Web Screen Scraping, Web Data Mining, Web Data Extraction etc.

Posted on Nov 10, 2014

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