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Tips for web design

In today’s information age we all are more or less dependent on computers for our daily works. These computers achieved tremendous power with the introduction of computers. Apparently internet imparted a new life in the computer world and entirely changed the way it looked earlier.

Internet has not just changed the entire computer world but has also done wonders for the humankind. It has changed the way industries functioned, the way schools functioned, the way in which government functioned. All in all it has changed the entire world with its unconstrained reach and thus internet is such an important tool for all of us in the present scenario.

However, another integrated part of internet is equally important which serves as the backbone of World Wide Web. This integrated part is known as Website. A website which provides as an interface between the general public and internet is of great significance and importance.

Every day several thousand websites are made and later they go online. Currently, web designers are in heavy demand all over the globe and hence their being paid very well too. This very fact has attracted millions of students towards the field of web designing and prompted them to undergo some or the other web design training.

Through this piece of article we advise budding web designers across the world for preparing an effective website with the following tips-

Identify website’s goal: To start from the scratch, identify the goal of your website before you start designing the website. Every website is designed to fulfill a motive. This motive may vary from site to site. While a website might be aimed to capture global clients another might be focusing on branding while the third might be focusing on social service. Hence, before starting designing a website its goal must be clearly known and accordingly it must be designed.

Design a user friendly website: In order to make an innovative design never ever forget that it has to be user friendly. The more user friendly your websites is the more time they are likely to spend their. Often web designers fail to understand this and in order to do something creative, they land up doing something complex. A good website along with being peppy and attractive is easy to navigate too. A web designer must keep one thing in mind that the users don’t like to scroll horizontally and hence their website layout must be accordingly designed. Color contrast also plays a significant role in the appearance of a website. The text color and the background color must be in a soothing contrast, neither so dull nor so sparkling.

Keep updated: This applies to both the website and the web designer. No doubt that the website must be updated as and when required. However, along with that, a web designer must also keep himself/herself updated with market trend and new technical skills. In order to gain new skills while working he/she may opt for online training and acquire skills without disturbing his/her schedule much. It is a common practice nowadays which is gaining huge popularity with the passage of time.   

I am an IT professional with ample years of experience. I am pursuing my further education training. I have a flair for writing, so I keep posting my thoughts and experience about arbitrary topics. I often wonder about the future of home learning.

Posted on Nov 10, 2014

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